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Are NJ Casino poker Rooms Open?

Trying to figure out if The Borgata or Golden Nugget poker rooms are open. I called both of them but didn’t get an answer. Wanted to make sure before driving out there. Anyone know? TIA
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Casino poker room smoke deck

You won't more find more passionate yet bullshit arguments about poker than on the smoke deck of a casino poker room.
"I could have rivered a straight flush with the Ace of spades!" As he takes a quick, deep drag.
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Choctaw Casino Poker Room at full capacity allowed. 2hr wait list.

Choctaw Casino Poker Room at full capacity allowed. 2hr wait list. submitted by PokerProTX to poker [link] [comments]

Casinos/Poker Rooms in Minneapolis, MN?

I'm going to be out there for a trade show in a couple weeks. Never been to the area before. Are there any good poker rooms or casinos?
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Solid casino/poker room in St. Louis?

Gonna be there for the evening/night. I know there’s a few different options for casinos but I’m wondering if anyone here has any recommendations? Which ones are better than others etc. Any info is much appreciated thanks!
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Tulalip Casino Poker Room to Close on 10/31/2019

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(Toronto) Blue Heron Casino poker room review.

Blue Heron Casino just outside of Port Perry ON reopened its poker room last week, and I decided to go check it out today.
I called ahead at 4pm, and arrived about 4:30. The place was very busy, as they were doing a giveaway to their clients with large club point balances, and there were people wandering around with free gifts. The lineup for the Prime Rib/Snow Crab buffet was an hour long.
I checked in to the poker room, only to find that I was the 41st person on the wait list for $1/$2, and they only had ONE table running at that stake. They also offered $2/5, $10/20, and a variant called "Kill" and "Half Kill" on the $10/$20 and $20/$40. I have no idea what these variants are like, I've never played them, nor seen them offered at Niagara or Rama. It took almost 5 hours to get a seat.
The tables and chairs were brand new, and very comfortable, see pic. Note that there are no cupholders, beverages are only permitted on rolling side tables.
The rake at $1/$2 is 10% capped at $6, with diminished rake if there are less than 4 players. Also, no flop, no rake. There is also an additional $1 drop for the BBJ, making a total of $7 for virtually every pot.
Table was pretty loose, most players betting post-flop at $20-$30, and subsequent streets seeing $30-$40-$50 bets or more, and usually multiple players calling. There were a few monster pots, and almost every pot had at least 3 people gunning for it.
Player ranges were all over the place. I didn't have a great night, I tightened up and waited for decent cards in position, but I couldn't hit a flop with a sniper rifle. Kinda demoralizing when you have A♦Q♦, the flop comes 3♣7♠8♠, and there's a $20 bet followed by a raise to $55. All told, I was card dead for much of the night, bought in for $200 and out for $60.
Players were very fun and sociable, perhaps the most interactive bunch of players I had played in the context of a casino, it reminded me of my regular weekly home game.
Next time I will call in earlier, and maybe try to arrive around noon. Other casino visits have been to Rama or Niagara, and I often book a room, so long waits aren't an issue, I head upstairs and they text me when I am up. This isn't an option at Heron, the attached hotel doesn't open until July 2020, and believe it or not, there isn't a single hotel or motel in Port Perry. Even the local AirB&B rooms are outrageously priced....over $100, and this is very much the off season. I can get a hotel suite mid-week in Niagara for cheaper than someone's spare bedroom in Port Perry...and the hotel suite comes with discounts at the steak house and comped slot play.
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Best areas in Texas to live near a Casino/Poker Room?

Hey there! My wife and I are planning to move to Texas within the year and one of the factors that will determine where we choose is proximity to a casino/poker room? In my experience casinos/poker rooms are something you need a first-hand account of in terms of quality and can't rely on what Google pulls up for you. Are there any great casinos in Texas? Great Poker Rooms? Thanks!
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Tulalip Casino Poker Room to Close on 10/31/2019

Found out through a friend that the Tulalip Casino Poker Room is closing on 10/31/2019. No big details yet or announcement from the tribe.
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Buff Guy slaps A Guy With A Dad Body & Gets The Brakes Beat Off Of Him in Casino Poker Room (Repost?)

Buff Guy slaps A Guy With A Dad Body & Gets The Brakes Beat Off Of Him in Casino Poker Room (Repost?) submitted by NaughtyFred to StreetFights [link] [comments]

Has there been any fights at your local casino poker room??

There was a fight that broke out at my local poker room yesterday with two older gentlemen. I was sitting across the table but I was informed the argument started because one of the individuals didn’t want to tell the other one how much they were playing behind while they were in a hand. Then he proceeded to get stacked on a set over set situation. But I’ve never seen a reaction like the individual who lost ... he said started saying that he was going to kick the other guys ass and they fists started flying.
Has there been any confrontations similar to the one I witnessed that you’ve experienced? Let me know your most ridiculous tilt moments that you’ve seen...
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Attention Ontario Based Redditors - Brantford Casino's poker room is open and running NL.

Just read this over on 2+2:
The limits will be as follows:*
1/3 NL - $100 min - $300 max buy-in*
2/5 NL - $200 min - $500 max buy-in*
5/10 NL - $500 min - $1500 max buy-in*
10/20 NL - $1000 min - $2500 max buy-in*
5/5 PLO - $200 min - $500 max buy-in*
10/10 PLO - $500 - $1500 max buy-in*
25/25 PLO - $1000 - $2500 max buy-in
2+2 Thread
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Casino Poker Room Dealers, What is it like to have your job?

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Is a player who "doubles up" at a casino poker room and then immediately cashes out before the big blind returns considered bad etiquette? (this post is not about 'going south' which is a different issue)

I understand the desire to protect winnings, and risking losing them by continuing. I also hate to see big sums of money leaving the table ... but is it bad ETIQUETTE ?
I know I'm less inclined to play a BIG hand with someone who employs this strategy ... as I know I'll not have a chance to win his new found big stack ... as it'll be leaving the table immediately...and IF he returns later, it will be with a 'shorter' stack to risk less.
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Ive lost 20 grand in a year at casino poker rooms, yet I cannot stop going...

Like it says Ive lost over 20 grand in poker rooms. I have to pay through school in student loans now and my parents have lost all trust and belief in me(they've paid about 5grand of my Poker debt)... Because of medical issues I can only work 2 days a week now instead of 5 like I did when i first started playing poker. I am also a full time university student, yet every paycheck I get I go to the poker rooms and although I may get up anywhere from 500 to 2,000 dollars I keep thinking I've lost much more and after a few sessions I lose it all. I don't know if I keep going back because I only make 400$ a week now instead of 1,000 and my health being worse and poker seems like the one chance to change that or if it is because I feel like I've invested so much time and money into poker that I might get good one day. Does anyone who has been in the same situation have any tips?
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Best canadian casinos/poker rooms?

I'm from the sparsely populated eastern coast, where casinos are few and far between. However I plan on doing some travelling (within the country) in the coming year and was hoping a few of you could weigh in on the casino scene here in Canada.
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Casino Poker Room Cashed me out Counterfeit Bill

Haven't had any issue like this before, poker room at a large Indian Casino cashed me out but the 10$ they gave me was fake. I called on the way home after the gas station rejected it, and got on the phone with the "investigator." He said there's nothing he can do. Said the only way I'd be reimbursed was if I caught it at the cashier, but after the fact they won't do anything.
Now 10 bucks lost is no big deal, but damn if I wouldn't be pissed losing a 100. Does anyone here check their bills? Figured casinos and banks would catch all fakes, now I'm concerned this could happen with larger bills, and I'd be SOL. Start checking? Just a fluke?
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I am a online casino/poker room CEO and Owner. AMA

I dropped out of college to start an online casino/poker room when I was 19 years old. I was the youngest in history. I have moved around europe and dealt with all kinds of legislation changes. It has been a crazy ride. AMA
Random Facts
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Beware Palm Springs area Indian casino poker rooms...

So I went with family out to Palm Springs over Thanksgiving and decided to play some poker at one of the small indian casinos. BIG MISTAKE. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from these places. I wont say the name of the casino, but I believe it is the only one with a poker room in palm springs. There are about 8 tables there and only 4 were actually in use. I sat down at 3-5 and within a few hands saw a trend. Alot of limp call's, checking down ect. Seemed pretty pasive. Then as I enter my first pot with a raise otb after 2 callers in middle position, I get 3 bet by the bb and 4 bet by one of the original limpers. I had A-9 off so I didn't think too hard as I mucked. BB called and the two proceeded to check it down. There was a little bit of acting as one acted like he wanted to bet on the turn but neither did. The winning hand was the limper who 4 bet me off my A-9 with 10-9 and hit a 9 on the flop. The BB mucked. I was a little steamed but I continued to play. As I did I saw the same group of guys, 5 of them doing the same thing to me and 2 other guys at the table. Any one of us entered a pot they would spring into action and 3-4-5 bet us off. As much as you see this while it is going on you really dont want to believe that it is actually happening so you try to not think about it. But is was so apparent after I saw this hand. Same action was going on. Limping by the colluders then a raise by a non local like myself. 3 limpers prior and the hero was in the bb. He played very tight and I even knew he had a strong hand. First limper 3 bets, then a 4 bet followed by an all in. Then it gets to the hero who thinks for a second and looks at me and I see he is pissed. He calls. 3 bet and 4 bet both call. The bb was sitting on about 400 and the 3 other players all have him covered. This is all pre flop mind you. The bb turns over aces. The other 3 don't turn over their cards until the board runs out. K-7-2-7-9. 3 bet mucks, 4 bet mucks, 5 bet all in shows 10-7 for trips. BB with aces lost but rebuy's. I can not believe he didn't leave at that point. The colluder just put in over 600$ preflop with 10-7 off. For me it was obvious that the locals were looking to take advantage of us and I quit down about 60$. Stay clear from these smaller casinos with few tables on reservation land. These guys must be running a nice little business pushing guys off pots and when a guy fights back with a hand, ganging up on him to lower his odds of winning the hand. I live in Los Angeles CA and there are great poker rooms here in LA but I just happend to be visiting out there. Any one else have a similar experience at any small poker room?
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Have you been cheated in a cardroom or a casino poker room at poker?

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Why Oregon's non-casino poker rooms should stay safe and legal

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Are there SNG tables in casino poker rooms?

Turn 21 in a few months and am wondering what a typical poker room has to offer. I am a SNG player and feel I am -ev on online cash games.
All I can find are promotions to what look like MTTs on any casino's website. Do casinos offer STTs and if they do, what are usually the lowest stake tourneys? Most promotions I found are $100 MTTs. I don't have a bankroll for that shit lol.
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Hidden Cam Records Pocket Kings In Casino Poker Room - YouTube Poker in Vegas during Covid Crisis! - YouTube Winning Big at MGM Grand Poker Room Las Vegas - YouTube An introduction to Poker and the card room – Grosvenor Casinos Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino Poker Room - YouTube Winstar Casino and Poker Room - YouTube How to Play Poker in a Poker Room for the First Time Mardi ... Orleans Casino Poker Room Las Vegas - YouTube

Looking for the best Poker Room in Louisiana? You'll find it here at Paragon Casino Resort. Live Poker action that'll please new and veteran players. Play Hold 'Em, Wheel Straight Flush and more at Paragon. All of our poker tables are now equipped with USB ports for your convenience. Visit our site to learn more. Poker players can experience the thrill of tournament play at Elements Casino Brantford Poker Room. Open 24/7 with high stakes poker allows players to go “all in, all the time” and includes up to 14 tables offering various games and tournaments of Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em, Deepstack Poker and Badbeat. Poker Room Poker players, look no further. Q Casino’s poker room is the place for you! Q Rewards. If you want to be part of the action, Q rewards is the best way to make Q Casino your own! Q Rewards. Entertainment. See All. Dining. See All. Hotel. See All . Sportsbook. See More. Hours Be sure to stop by and visit our Poker Room! The Poker Room is currently closed. Tournaments & Jackpots ... Come test your poker skills with Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo and Spread Limit games in the friendliest casino poker room in the Phoenix Valley. See details on our 24-hour-a-day promotions. Poker Daily Promotions. Monday. $100 Aces Cracked 24 Hrs ; $100 Splash Pots and $50 Hot Seats during posted NFL and NCAAF games ; Full House Frenzy 11am - 2pm & 7pm - 10pm ; $50 NLH Tournament at Noon ; Earn ... The Jamul Casino poker room • San Diego’s Newest Place to Play. Plus, upgrade your Sweetwater Rewards® status with your Poker play. Poker play makes you eligible to upgrade to Aqua or Amber status, based on the number of hours you’ve played in the Poker Room. • 100 hours of poker play in the last six months qualifies you for an Aqua upgrade. • 300 hours of poker play in the last six ... As host to multiple $1,000,000 – or more – tournaments each year, WinStar World Casino and Resort knows poker.With a 55-table room dedicated to the art of bluffing, betting and winning, you’ll find your game at WinStar: No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Poker Room Our popular poker room features daily promotions and special events to keep you in on all the action. Play the most popular Texas Hold ‘Em games at Hollywood Casino Toledo, including Limit and No Limit Hold ‘Em, Omaha and Omaha High-Low, 7 Card Stud, and mixed games available upon request. Daily Poker Room Promotions. Mixed Aces Cracked: Pays $25; Black Aces Cracked: Pays $100; Progressive Red Aces cracked: Starts at $150, goes up to $25 a day until hit, caps at $575 with one payout per session. There are three sessions per day. Red Kings Cracked: Starts at $100 with one payout per session. There are four sessions per day.

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Hidden Cam Records Pocket Kings In Casino Poker Room - YouTube

The aim of this video is to provide you with an overview of Poker and walking into a card room for the first time. Here at Grosvenor Casinos we have a friend... Visit for more information. Want to learn how to play poker in a poker room for the first time... I snuck my camara into Winstar Casino and the poker room in Oklahoma. In this poker vlog I play 2/5 No Limit Texas Hold'em at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Due to Social Distancing and Covid-19, some new rules are in place. In s... Video of the Poker Room at Santa Fe Station. This Hotel is located in the north west part of the Vegas Valley. It is a large room associated with the many ... Superchat Alternatives: Venmo: @Timothy-Watts-1 Cash App:$TheTrooper97Lady Tr... A mobile phone camera records a casino poker room hand of No Limit Texas Hold 'Em where pocket kings are dealt. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.